I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace
Chapter 1812: Sea Bathing with Anima ⑨

While Anima and I were thinking about how to utilize the magic ship that Kuro gave me, we came up with quite a few different ideas for planning a ship party. I mean, it's strange how we initially just think under the assumption of "what if we were setting up a party?", but as we started talking about various things, it's quite curious how I started getting motivated to actually set up that party.

[If Master is going to host a party, it might be a good idea to make use of your identity as someone from another world and make things like cuisine unique to the other world.]

[I see…… However, there isn't that big of a difference in food culture between Trinia and Earth. Ahh, but when one asks if Japanese food is unique, it certainly is unique but…… I doubt that it would suit a ship party.]

Since the cuisine in this world is mostly Western-style, Japanese cuisine might be considered unique. Putting aside whether Japanese cuisine is suitable for a ship party, having such cuisine may certainly give the guests a sense of novelty.

It certainly might be a good idea to collaborate with someone like Kaori-san and serve dishes focused on other world cuisine.

[The ship that I received from Kuro had quite the size, and I feel like there shouldn't be any issues even if we invite most of the people I know.]

[Indeed. Will the main attendees be the people who came to Master's birthday party before? Well, with Shallow Vernal-sama present, it's undoubtedly going to be an extraordinary event……]

[That is, well, true…… but such a party does sound a lot of fun. If we're going to hold a party like that, I'll definitely be asking Anima for help with various things, so I'll be counting on you at that time.]

[Hah! Please leave it to me!!!]

If we're going to have a party on the ship, it seems like I'd be relying on Anima for various things. Well, there's also Ein-san and Zwei-san, who appeared seemingly out of nowhere during the previous housewarming party, acting as if they were part of the hosting team and actively participated in the preparations……

[Wouldn't Ein-san or Zwei-san join in the preparations just like they did in the previous housewarming party?]

[That certainly seems possible. It might be a good idea to send them invitations in advance and discuss having them attend only as guests. Also, you might also want to give a heads up to Kuromueina-dono……]

[Ahh, yeah, the only one who could probably control those two would be Kuro…… If we're going to do it, let's ask her to keep them in check.]

Since I'm going to be hosting my own party, I'd like to handle the preparations with my family. Well, not in the sense of blood relatives like mom or dad, but I mean those related to my household. As for who will be part of the preparation group for the ship party, I guess it would be Anima, Caraway, Eta, Theta and Nebula?

Illness-san does oversee the household affairs for me, so she's technically part of my family, but considering she's also a maid at Lilia-san's mansion, I'm in a slight dilemma about this.

[Hmmm. Thinking about it again though, I feel like I know a lot more people now than I did back when I had my housewarming party.]

[I suppose so. Not only that, there are also worldly changes, such as Isis-dono's side almost completely functioning as their own camp and the increased visits of the High-ranking Gods to the Human Realm compared to before.]

Thinking back to the people I met since the housewarming party, there were the Six Kings' Executives, some of the High-ranking Gods, new members of Isis-san's camp, past Hero Actors like Kaori-san, and people I've met through various events…… With a considerable increase in acquaintances, inviting all of them would make the event quite large in scale.

No, even if I do invite all of them, would their schedule be convenient at that time? Well, I can take various measures such as reminding them that they don't have to attend if they have plans on that day……

[Hmmm, I'm kinda feeling pretty motivated to have that party now.]

[Fufu, I see. Discussing and planning various aspects in something does make one eager to execute their plan. If Master is alright with it, shall we proceed and involve Cara and the others in earnestly planning this event?]

[That certainly sounds like a good idea. We might end up facing various difficulties, and if it seems like hosting a ship party would be difficult, there's always the option not to proceed with it…… Let's talk to everyone about this next time.]

A ship party on a luxurious ship huh…… Although I'm on the planning side, I'm looking forward to it. I mean, even though I've been welcomed to various events, I haven't been on the hosting side much, so being able to entertain and express gratitude to those who have taken care of me would be quite nice…… Rather, that's something that makes me very eager.

It seems like Anima is also in favor, so let's give this some thought a bit more seriously……


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? ? ? : [No, haven't you gotten too close to each other!?]

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